ELMessenger Pro Review

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Here are the CORE BENEFITS of ELMessenger Pro and how it helps you generate more leads and sales using your Facebook profile:


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1. Organize Messenger Inbox:

– Create color-coded tags

– Add a contact into a tag inside the messenger inbox

– Add notes to contacts inside the messenger inbox

– Filter contacts based on their tag

– Filter contacts based on who responded last

– Filter contacts based on a note

– Create message templates as “canned responses”

– Remove contacts in a specific tag


2. Automate Outreach

– Create personalized welcome messages that rotate through different variations

– Group Friender – Add members from a specific group

– Post Friender – Add people that like a specific post

– Common Friends Connector – Add people from the “People You May Know” column


3. Follow Up With Leads

– Send broadcast messages to people in a tag

– Create advanced multi-message campaigns

– Backoffice contacts overview

– Create Google calendar events/reminders within the messenger inbox


4. Scale Through Automations

– Automate the engagement of your “2-Step”/Lead Magnet Posts

– Integrate ELMessenger Pro to your GoHighLevel account and create “pipeline tags”

– Create and share ELMessenger Pro Frameworks

– Create “locked content” links

If you have any questions about the tool or what it can do, comment below!

Get Your Free Lifetime Account Here: >> Click Here To Claim <<


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