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Hello & Welcome!

You’re here because you’re looking for a legitimate, realistic and proven way to make a substantial income from home.

Well, you’re in luck, because I’m about to teach you how!

I’d like to congratulate you on your decision to get more information!

First off… The level of training, support, and step-by-step guidance I provide my business partners is unparallelled in this industry.   So I have a lot to talk about. I don’t have to fill up this page with hype and empty promises. This is real substance, valuable information that you will be reading, and it has the potential to change your life!

So if you’re really SERIOUS about making at least $5,000 per month and eventually $10,000 AND MORE per month or more within the next 90 days, then you need to read this whole letter… period.

It just amazes me how some people say they are really serious about building a large income from their own business and then have “no time” or “no interest” in doing the ONE CRITICAL THING that they need to do in order to make it happen… READ… LEARN… GET INFORMED…

Then Take MASSIVE ACTION & Responsibility for your OWN actions or inactions.

If you’re just looking for a pretty website that promises instant riches without doing anything, then just leave. Really. People like that are a pain to work with and they end up quitting on themselves anyway.

If you’re just a real person and you know that in order to create a substantial income, it takes SYSTEMS, ACTIONS, INVESTMENTS and joining the RIGHT TEAM… then keep on reading. This will be a refreshing experience for you… “THE NO HYPE ZONE”   REAL FACTS…

YES, you still have to learn to do a few cool things to promote your business—things I will show you in great detail within my team training site. BUT…

NONE of those simple things will involve cold calling or chasing people around like a lunatic, or bugging people about your “opportunity”.

Leave all that old school “pitch and chase” sales hack stuff for burned out sales people…

So grab grab a seat because you're going to want to see this...

Watch This Video Explaining What I do and Why the Heck I chose to learn what I needed to in order to create a successful online home business, rather than staying forever stuck in “WAGE SLAVERY”,  I mean a “9:00 to 5:00 job” (or a 7:00am to 7:00pm job, like some of you have!): Click here for video

The SUPER SECRET to making five figures or more per month is to ONLY promote a program that pays PASSIVE INCOME as your business partners duplicate your simple but powerful efforts. THAT is where the big money is with Internet Home Business Opportunities. And THAT is exactly what is possible AND realistic when you have the proper guidance AND you establish a proper SYSTEM—an intelligently automated system.

See, the SYSTEM is the MAJOR PART of generating profit and of getting yourself FREE. A great system—a properly configured system which has already been tested, which has already been proven to work, which is simple to use and which can create dependable resultsis absolutely KEY to YOU creating an online profit machineI call it “the Ultimate Online Profit Machine”.
My recommended system, which is even simple for “brand-newbies” to set up and use NO MATTER WHAT YOUR CURRENT BUSINESS or OFFERS ARE is called “Power Lead System”.

… and the name is fitting.

Let’s get into details you’ll need to know about our revolutionary system and opportunity…

THE SYSTEM:   Our system quickly became what thousands of people have been looking for (and quite honestly what this industry desperately needed)… A Stellar Compensation Plan At An Unbelievably Low Cost In Comparison to Other Similar Opportunities. Power Lead System capitalizes on the great demand for a lucrative alternative for people who simply cannot afford to join those high priced business opportunities. So rather than paying $1,000 or even $3,000 or more to join a business, we offer a membership level that ANYONE can afford.   I can’t even begin to tell you how frustrating and limiting it is to have quality prospects for your business…just to find out that 99% of them simply can’t afford it.

They like you, they like the business, they want to join… BUT they can’t afford it!  SO FRUSTRATING!!
With Power Lead System, you don’t have that problem. If anyone is serious about building a business of their own to build long-term financial wealth they will absolutely invest the $53 to get started. ($30 for the product and $23.97 for the affiliate reseller fee). Problem solved…simple as that.
In fact, if someone says they “can’t afford to join Power Lead System…” guess what?? You don’t want to work with them anyway! If someone is trying to start a legitimate business for less than this, they are financially desperate and shouldn’t even consider starting a business in the first place. The Products: 

Power Lead System’s products consist of… Thousands of Dollars worth of Tools and Education that you need in order to effectively expand any business. Power Lead System allows you to easily and quickly build online marketing systems and automated prospect follow-up systems for any business (including yours)!   Review the products in the PDF Report HERE.   You can create stunning lead-capture pages in seconds… fully customizable for any business…   Lead Capture Page Creator:

Choose from pre-designed choices, or design your own from scratch. You can also copy and ‘tweak’ any page, which means you don’t need any technical skills whatsoever. Point, click, and you’re done. Lead Responder:

Creating and sending emails to your list is “point and click easy”. Simply choose a campaign to send from our professionally-written library of high-converting messages (or write your own), then select the group to send it to… and that’s it! Floating Capture Form Creator:

With the Floating Capture Form Creator, you can now capture leads from virtually ANY website on the Internet replicated websites, corporate websites, blogs, forums, search engines, news sites, and many, many more. This jealously-guarded “secret marketing tool” lets you capture leads and build your mailing list from virtually any website. Now, EVERY website can be your own personal mailing list builder. Video Postcard Creator:

Experts say that video gets 3X better results than typical email. That’s why Video Postcards will keep your prospects engaged with you and your business. Hangout Page Creator:

Why waste hundreds, even thousands of dollars per year on expensive and confusing online webinar services… when you can host an unlimited number of online meetings using 100% Free Hangouts? Sales Funnel Duplicator:

This is one of my absolute favorite marketing tools of all time. With no limit but your imagination, you can create incredible looking sales funnels for ANY business, then SHARE that funnel with any person (or company) you choose. A unique “share code” is generated for every funnel you create! 

Now, most opportunities out there sell a product that is some “magic juice” or something else that you’re probably not really interested in. You’re just looking at the business opportunity and how you can make some money, right??

Well, the products you will have access to as a member of Power Lead System, you can actually put to use to create profit immediately!

Plus, you’ll learn about almost every online traffic generation method there is within our private training area, and our exclusive team training and resources site…

…and how to turn that traffic into $$$$.

You’ll also have access to anything you’ll need to know about: List building Email marketing Ad tracking Social media basics Facebook marketing Sales copy-writing YouTube marketing Craigslist lead-generation Blogging Solo Ads Email swipe copy And the list goes on and on (keep reading)…
You’ll also have your own customized websites up and running in less than an hour. I get excited just writing about this stuff!  

The Compensation Plan:

The traditional ‘network marketing’ model or ‘MLM’ is outdated and it would take at least 3 to 5 years of full time work to start seeing any serious residual income. And that’s if you are good…really good! The Power Lead System compensation plan pays 100% commissions!

Compare that to keeping a tiny 20% or even 10% like you would with most MLM companies. So, you might be asking, How does Power Lead System make a profit then?

Great Question 🙂 The creators of the Power Lead System have been in the online business for two decades. In that time, they have seen all the various types of compensation plans out there. And it doesn’t take a genius to figure out–once you’ve looked at the numbers–that there is one type of business model which allows the affiliates (that’s you) to make the most money. When you pay 100% commissions that is the most you can possibly pay out right? But the company still needs to be able to pay for web hosting, support, admin, utilities and all those other expenses that any business needs to cover… They accomplish this by accepting a small Affiliate Reseller Fee which is only paid by Affiliates.

And no matter how many sales you make, no matter how many customers you have, no matter how many online systems you create using your Power Lead System, your Affiliate reseller fee is always the same $23.97. It’s a tiny amount in comparison to the excellent management, service, outstanding web-hosting and always-on-time commission payments that get sent every week like clock-work. I don’t even notice it personally. This makes sure that the company is totally viable and is able to service your needs and can continue to develop and improve upon the products while at the same time giving you what you want… the most commission possible. Using an affiliate reseller fee is a well-established and very common method of making sure that a company will remain viable, and many of the most successful companies in our industry do this same thing.

The usual problem is however, that many companies out there charge an affiliate reseller fee even though they only pay out a much smaller percentage of commission. NO ONE pays better than Power Lead System… period. It’s a perfect win-win scenario.   No need to work your tail off for 3+ years. 
Make 100% commissions and BIG PASSIVE RECURRING INCOME as quickly as you can refer someone to the same system!
Let’s take a closer look at the Compensation Plan…  
Can You Make Insane Amounts Of Money?!  

 $20 every month from all members on your pay-line, and 50% matching bonus for ALL your referrals, whether they roll-up or not (that means you make 50% of what your referrals make each week).
Did you catch that last bullet-point? Recurring income. That’s the key.
No more do you have to work and work and work each month just to start all over again.

How do you think that company’s like Time Warner, Verizon, AT&T and all the other company’s that make a fortune do it? They bill you every month. Residual income. You build it once and keep adding to it. Power Lead System realized this years ago and they have set the PLS system up for YOU to capitalize on it. They made it available for the masses.

Imagine getting 20 members a month added to your pay-line. That’s $400 this month.

Then get 20 the second month. That’s $400 right? WRONG! That’s $800 this month (Don’t forget about the first month).

Then build some more…

Get 20 more during the third month. That’s $800 right? Ah Ha! I can’t trick you. Now you are getting it. It’s $1200! And your business continues to grow!

Keep in mind this is just an illustrative example and does not include any Matching Bonuses or any sales being rolled-up to you, or OVERRIDES! Check Out Our Unique and REVOLUTIONARY Comp Plan: 

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