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How To Generate Automated Cash Flow With TextBot

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Get Paid $5 When You Join Guarantee Downline Club Instanly!

Get Paid $5 When You Join Guarantee Downline Club Instantly!

Guaranteed Downline Club before we get into that video guys if you’re new to my channel welcome basically gonna find on my channel I talk a lot about how you can make money from home online a lot of these you know our minimal startup some are free ways I do provide a lot of you know motivation inspirational videos as well if any of that resonates with you go ahead and do me a favor guys hit that subscribe button down below also be sure to hit that notification bell that way you’re notified when I do drop another video okay so as I said in the beginning of the video I’m gonna walk you through this new system that I’m part of show you how you can get your media five dollars just for signing up with that I’ll show you some back-office proof probably show you a little bit with the Facebook group if I can actually pull that up and go from there alright guys so I’ve always always dropped the link to any of my offers in the description of the video okay so let’s go ahead and start so this is basically called the guaranteed downlight Club okay and this is you can actually read this this is basically we’ll walk you through what it’s all about I kind of just wanted to highlight what it is it is the only club that will immediately pay you money for signing up for free okay guys as you know a lot of my systems that I do have you know they do have some startup fees because these aren’t business opportunities but this how to get paid $5.00 online free Guaranteed Downline Club though guys you don’t have to pay anything to immediately get that five dollars okay so that’s that’s just a plus it’s the only club that does that these guys that are creators of the system are giving you money because they believe in this product and they want people to earn money right they want you to see the power of online business opportunities that they’re not all scams I mean that you’re going to basically take this and share it with others okay everything that I marked it to you guys is always an affiliate Pro I love the power of affiliate marketing because you don’t have to set up anything for yourself right these guys are smart everything that I get involved in you know is referred to me from from people who are really doing well in this market okay so that’s why I like sharing these opportunities for you because I know people on different budgets especially now what’s going on but if you’re wanting to just get in the media five dollars and then just kind of share this guy’s I’m it’s very simple and this system has those tools in the back office we’re in a pre-launch stage right now so this hasn’t been given to the mass market yet because they’re trying to set people that are getting in now up to be successful so you can kind of go in here and read this I’m not gonna read all this to you guys there’s a video to watch you want to read that but basically when you get there you know if you want to make money online you need have a strong platform that will how to get paid $5.00 online free guarantee downline club that you will make money that guaranteed on chronic level is designed to make money for everyone even when they join for free guys okay and so that’s why I wanted to bring this out here for you guys and I’m going to show you how I got the five dollars I’ve got one referral so far this is you know this is something I just wanted to get on YouTube and market because I love my platform for YouTube I’ve marketed this basically to my current list I’ve been marketing this on social media but you know the quicker you can get in I’m gonna show you why you want to get in soon because it’s kind of like the if you know about down lines that the the further you are at the top the more profitable you’re going to be especially when this thing launches again launches completely okay so again you can read all this I’m not gonna read all it to you but it just tells you the three steps to get started you sign up it’s time to percent free to join there’s no paid memberships you just share with your friends family if you want to but again use use you know use other means guys like I said I use my social media I use YouTube I use you know IG Facebook my lists you can actually use and they’ll show you that in a system too if you have if you’re comfortable with solo ads good platform to use that way you’re building your list in this system so you’re gaining leads and again I’d love to share that too because anything that you’re getting leads you can market any opportunity to so take some value from that you always want to join a platform where those leads are yours and you will get them in here they’re now yours you own them okay this is a free system you’re not paying monthly fees for it look for those things those are the things I like to market to you guys I don’t you know I don’t want to share anything that’s not proven and and proven good results okay then you start earning even more once you keep sharing and then once you position yourself as I’m gonna show you in a second you’re gonna be able to make money as the owners have explained to us and there are webinars with this as well that I’ve been getting on once this is fully launched basically you’re lining yourself in a good position so that your downline you know you you’re growing your downline and then you’re gonna basically be getting pass ups which are good you’re gonna be getting money for not even hardly marketing and that’s where you want to set yourself up for success okay so stay tuned I’m gonna go ahead and just dive right in now again you are you’ll I’ll drop the link in the description you join for free you’ll get the five dollars I’m gonna show you my back office now so you’ll get your login and you’ll just go ahead and log right in okay as you can see me Manuela here these are everyone that’s joined in after me and that’s important to note you want to align yourself to basically when people join your you’re gonna make money offer their efforts and that’s what’s important about this so you want to be up high enough in the chain to be able to have to be able to get some nice income coming in and this again is a pre-launch this is not launched officially to the masses they’re they’re still building things out in it and that’s why you know it’s taking a little bit of time but they’re giving us instant access so that’s why I’m referring you guys you can refer your friends and get everybody you can think up in here so as I said there’s no fee to initially join in here you can still earn just keep referring but you want it to get gonna suggest this you don’t have to but in order to reap the rewards okay you want to set yourself up with the MPI which is the money plug in and that’s gonna make you basically 10x 10x your income and who doesn’t want that so in order to get that it’s $20 okay that you pay and then that’s activated and that way you’re basically able to you know get some more money once it’s really really hitting hitting hard also when you get people to join the MPI which is the 20 bucks you’re actually your referrals basically you’ll earn like a dollar 50 I believe it is or a dollar so when you refer people guys you get 50 cents then when you get those referrals to get into the MPI your personal referrals you’ll get like a dollar I think it’s like a dollar a dollar 50 and then it’s like a trickle effect when they get people on you’ll also earn from that as well okay so you want to put again position yourself right guys there’s also an area down here where you can put your links for these other parts of the system so free lead system if you if you’re part of that you can actually put that information in here as well if you’re not click here so you can learn more about that okay because these are the funnels that I’m part of these are the systems I’m part of as well so you’re marketing in several different ways which is also important when you get into a system okay what else I want to share with you guys I didn’t want to make this too long but there’s some resources back here so if you don’t not comfortable with email marketing there’s some scripts some swipes here that I’ve taken advantage of you can actually use these swipes of built-out you just put your own referral link in there when you’re marketing these so it talks about what it is $5 when you sign up immediately you know get paid at seven different ways get paid on three levels this does Aldus planning for for you know this opportunity you there is also an option for you to actually get a capture page guys I created my own capture page but there’s another great capture page that actually explains this more in detail I guess actually as a video I’m you when you come in you can actually request that through the owners and they’ll actually set you up with that as well but for now I went ahead and create my own capture page you’ll see that when you go and click the link below and and get started right so there’s nothing again to pay to get started if you want to increase your income capabilities that’s when you want the money plugin you’d click this money plugin guys watch the video and it tells you what that’s all about you know you can double your advertising results plus you can make 5 10 20 X or even more and that’s kind of why I decided to go ahead and get that and yeah so you just would read this and get started if that’s what you want to do who doesn’t want more money I want more money so that’s why I took advantage of that so your URLs are all back here these are these are my URLs for these systems because I’m part of them already but like I said when you set up under your dashboard you go to your dashboard and of course this is your link you copy your link again you don’t want to market that ugly link looking like that if you’re familiar with you know domain names get yourself a doughnut domain name or use a bit ly link anything to mask that okay so you want that and basically that’s pretty much it guys you know if you have they have a great support a great support system they have a number here you can call it tells you what their hours are this is where you track everything alright guys so that’s pretty much all I wanted to say this is where you like I mentioned about the solo ads you’d go here to basically get yourself a solo ad vendor to market this basically you give them your link they put it in an email for you you can use the emails that they had like I just showed you in the resources to give that to the vendor or the vendor you can have them create their own swipe and put your link in there they’re able to do that as well and they’re able to actually give you a capture page as well so they have a blog again support is here you can actually create a ticket back here if you have any issues with it but it’s a free system guys you know free is free and you’ll get five dollars every time you refer someone is $0.

0 okay so if that makes sense to you guys you know drop me a like I hope I provided some value with this is another free system get your five dollars keep referring it guys again I’m in affiliate marketing so I love these platforms and I have to build anything out I’m referring other people’s products and this is a great way to build your leads okay so I hope that you know you understood this if not you know comment below you know send me an email all my social links are on my youtube channel in the description actually you can go fight on my my direct channels and everything is pretty self-explanatory make sure you do watch this video because it talks about the program actually there is one more thing out I promised I would show you guys this is the Facebook the Facebook group let’s see I hope it’s under guaranteed see guaranteed downline downline my club I believe that’s what the and I think you only can join this guys if you become a member so let’s see I think it’s in here you can only join this group if you yep here we go you only can request to join this I believe if you get on a webinar if you’re already part of this cuz this is kinda like a secret group guys I just wanted to share some some insights with you here there’s not a whole lot here but there are webinars so this is where you would come once you join for free and get in you just come here and request to be joining this this group and you can actually get on the webinars this is where they display when they’re gonna have webinars we also get emails you’ll get emails as well and they’re talking about how many members live we’re at now 8,000 you just saw that in my back office so there was nothing secret about that as you just saw my dashboard we’re right now at eight thousand three twenty nine members right that’s a lot of members and they want this to grow they they’re expecting a lot of growth because the way that referring so many people to it okay so right guys that’s all the time that we have for today’s video I hope that I did a good job of explaining what it’s what it’s all about again you can just go to the presentation when I drop the link look at it get your


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