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Organic Facebook marketing is without a doubt one of the BEST ways to find and connect with your dream customers, without spending any money on paid ads…

But you don’t want to be glued for hours upon hours to your computer, finding and messaging all these people, do you?


What if I were to tell you that there is brand-new software that will change your organic Facebook marketing forever?

A tool so powerful…

…that it will generate you more qualified leads than you can handle…


ELMessenger Pro is a chrome extension that has been specifically created for busy entrepreneurs like you, that value their time and would like to generate more qualified leads and sales for their business…

…without having to do all the tedious tasks manually.

Here is what ELMessenger Pro can do for you and your business:​

✅ ELMessenger Pro lets you automate some of the most time-consuming & mundane tasks, without losing the organic and personal touch.

✅ Send automated friend requests to targeted people in your niche, with a personalized welcome message with their first name, so you can focus your time on just the people that get back to you.

✅ Hyper-target members of a specific group, by adding a profile tag your dream customers identify themselves as (Affiliate Marketer, Founder, CEO, Coach, Self Employed, etc.)

✅ Organize your messenger inbox by creating color-coded tags like “Follow Up”, “Hot Lead”, “Interested” etc. and tag people inside your Facebook messenger. You will know exactly who a person is and where that person is in your sales cycle.

✅ Sort your leads based on a tag, which makes it super easy for you to follow up with them and never lose a sale because of not following up.

✅ Send broadcast messages based on a specific tag, so you can save your time and don’t need to message them one by one.

✅ ELMessenger Pro allows you to keep notes on people, so you never forget important information about a person.

✅ Create Google calendar events from within the messenger, so you get reminded to follow up with someone.

✅ Create message templates, which you can use as your personal clipboard, so you don’t have to re-write messages over and over again.

✅ Let ELMessenger Pro automatically reply to comments on your CTA posts, based on a specific keyword (like “info” or whatever you like) and send them a personalized message with the info they requested.

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